Sri Vidhya Rajagopalaswamy

Sri Vidhya Rajagopalaswamy

Mannargudi Rajagopalaswamy temple, South India

This is called “South india’s Dwarka”. This was built in 10th century. The beauty of Lord Krishna alias Rajagopalan is so mesmerising that even Alwars who visited the temple could not sing in praise. 

The Utsavar  is giving his seva in standing position and his legs slightly bent alongside of the cow.  His smiling face (Thirumuga Mandalam) and his posture add to His beauty which steals everyone's heart.  

On his right hand he holds a Sengkol and his left hand is placed over the cow.

This is not part of 108 Vaishnavite temples but called “abhimanasthala”. It is built on 23 acres of land parcel (93000 sq. mtrs). It has 1000 pillars erected , a huge compound walls around and gateway apart from water body outside the temple.

 Sri Purandaradasaru, a Kannada poet, known as Pithamaha of Carnatic music glorified the God by composing Kannada songs " KandeMannaruKrishana" and "MannaruKrishnanege Mangala". 

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