Our First Hero and The Mighty King - It’s Father !

To every Child , Dad is always very Special all through the life. Every kid realise more so when they grow older and step into his shoes in their life.

It is he who introduces us to various facets of life. Particularly the girl child always what a person like her father as her boy friend / husband for rest of her life. She gets tuned so much to his care and unconditional love.

Father shows the material & spiritual world, inspires and inculcates Value system , preaches Ethics and good conduct to be a good citizen. He gives Wings (Opportunity) to Fly (Learn, Play ,Grow) for a Kid.

Dear father ,
You are always very Special and The Level of Support ,Smile and Positivity you provide to the entire Family is just Mind-blowing and Amazing...
Your selfless love is eternal and immortal. 
I shall always be thankful to God for Gifting
You to Me 🫶❣️
With Loads of a Love ,❤️
Srinidhi Srinivasan 
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